TABS - Management consulting and auditing

TABS Ltd is a consulting company dedicated to providing full consulting services in the fields of management, commerce, strategy development and business auditing.


mgmt consluting

This is one of the areas of our business competency and is perceived as the company comparative advantage in the market.

Our consultants have an immense practical experience, gained over 25 years of working and managing various multinational companies in BH and wider. We are there to assist should you need a business strategy for any segment of your business!




ShemaEnIt is yet another service TABS provides, offering to clients to check their companies’ compliance with current legislation.

Check your companies’ regulatory compliance and make appropriate corrections to avoid enormous fines. TABS regulatory compliance software will establish all regulatory discrepancies and indicate to necessary corrections.




strategy Many years of experience of our team in the management of multinational companies guarantee that your strategy will be in line with the latest trends and standards, achievable and focused on achieving the goals of your company.
If you are planning to start a business and you need a strategy, or you want to improve your existing business, or simpy are not sure wheter your current strategy is good enough - TABS is there for you!

TABS is synonym to:

  • Professionalism. Our experts are highly educated, with several decades of work experience in management.
  • Quality. We guarantee top quality service and your satisfaction.
  • Functionality. The result of our services is the functionality of your business, meaning PROFIT.
  • Efficiency. We will make sure that your goals are accomplished rapidly and safely.
  • Effectiveness. We use the most up-to-date methods and the newest knowledge, which is a guarantee to success.


  • What is the cost of services TABS audit? - Each test is formed in accordance with the activity of a business entity.
  • Is TABS services more expensive than inspection penalties? - No. TABS audit services is far cheaper than the lowest possible inspection penalties.
  • How long does TABS revision? - TABS audits, on average, lasts up to 2 hours.
  • Who should be present, in front of a business entity, during the audit TABS? - It is desirable that it be a person who is fully familiar with all aspects of the entity's business.
  • Which activities TABS revision covers? -Trade retail, Wholesale, Trade services, Food industry, craft, tourism activity, production activity, other economic activities.


For inquiries and reservations please use the following contacts:


Tel: +387 33 979 422

Mob: +387 62 206 666