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  • US Embassy Sarajevo
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  • IUS - International University of Sarajevo

TABS is synonym to:

  • Professionalism. Our experts are highly educated, with several decades of work experience in management.
  • Quality. We guarantee top quality service and your satisfaction.
  • Functionality. The result of our services is the functionality of your business, meaning PROFIT.
  • Efficiency. We will make sure that your goals are accomplished rapidly and safely.
  • Effectiveness. We use the most up-to-date methods and the newest knowledge, which is a guarantee to success.


  • What is the cost of services TABS audit? - Each test is formed in accordance with the activity of a business entity.
  • Is TABS services more expensive than inspection penalties? - No. TABS audit services is far cheaper than the lowest possible inspection penalties.
  • How long does TABS revision? - TABS audits, on average, lasts up to 2 hours.
  • Who should be present, in front of a business entity, during the audit TABS? - It is desirable that it be a person who is fully familiar with all aspects of the entity's business.
  • Which activities TABS revision covers? -Trade retail, Wholesale, Trade services, Food industry, craft, tourism activity, production activity, other economic activities.


For inquiries and reservations please use the following contacts:


Tel: +387 33 979 422

Mob: +387 62 206 666