TABS Auditing - Consulting services designed for checking the legality of operations

Avoid unnecessarily paying penalties because of sloppy record keeping of your company, which is not in accordance with legal regulations!

TABS audit consulting services, developed in order to align its own operations with legal legislation.

Consultancy service is available to all companies and other businesses in order to help all market participants to operate within the legal regulations in force, and thus avoid the payment of penalties for failure to the business.

 What is TABS?

TABS - software intended to control the correctness of enterprise's business.


 Why TABS?

TABS will point out all the flaws in the operations of your company, which you can cost a thousands BAM different sentences.

 Benefiti TABS kontrole?

Through approx. 400 questions from all walks of business TABS will identify even the slightest irregularity and preserve your resources and money.

Test yourself! Do not allow any inspection to find irregularities in your business!

How TABS works...?

  • Call. We'll term that suits you.
  • Our employee will arrive at the appointed place.
  • In less than 2 hours will, in consultation with you, to go through all the necessary documents of your company that are subject to control of various state bodies in the field covered by TABS revision.
  • TABS software will be based on your answers and the current situation in your company, to point out all the flaws in the legal business.
  • Based on the deficiencies found TABS software will show how much the amount of punishment, according to law, would have to pay if you do not rewrite the disadvantages.
  • After the completion of the audit you will receive a detailed report.

Why do you need TABS revision...

Irregularities in business are reflected in the inability of the monitoring and implementation of existing legal legislation by businesses because they usually do not have the staff or service that tracks legislative changes legislator published in the Official Gazette. Because it does not monitor changes to legislation your business does not align with applicable laws and therefore are being sanctioned for such a business that is not in accordance with the law.

It is therefore designed service TABS audit. The service offered by TABS audit by its nature is a complement service bookkeeping and accounting provided by the accounting agencies, which monitor whether the business of the undertaking in accordance with the laws and international accounting standards.

The main goal of TABS audits...

To provide all businesses with all necessary information in one place, in order to adjust their operations to legal norms. TABS audits will help businesses to fully avoid payment of penalties for the sake of formal deficiencies in the business.

What is focus of TABS audit...

TABS audit service emphasis on monitoring those legal regulations in force that every business entity must observe in their daily business. TABS revision does not deal with the law on accounting and auditing, and its bylaws, as well as all other legal norms arising from it, because it belongs to the domain of labor accounting agency and the segment of businesses services TABS audit does not cover.



  • Starline Ltd., Sarajevo (Mercedes Benz)
  • Megamix Ltd, Sarajevo
  • US Embassy Sarajevo
  • Saniteks Sa., Sarajevo
  • Altermedia Ltd., Sarajevo
  • Interactiv Sa., Banja Luka
  • SAMAS Ltd., Sarajevo
  • S Consalting Ltd., Sarajevo - Mostar
  • Agencija M&V Ltd., Mostar
  • Ekonomika Vidačak Ltd., Mostar
  • Queens - M Ltd., Mostar - Sarajevo
  • Diamedic Ltd., Sarajevo
  • IUS - International University of Sarajevo

TABS is synonym to:

  • Professionalism. Our experts are highly educated, with several decades of work experience in management.
  • Quality. We guarantee top quality service and your satisfaction.
  • Functionality. The result of our services is the functionality of your business, meaning PROFIT.
  • Efficiency. We will make sure that your goals are accomplished rapidly and safely.
  • Effectiveness. We use the most up-to-date methods and the newest knowledge, which is a guarantee to success.


  • What is the cost of services TABS audit? - Each test is formed in accordance with the activity of a business entity.
  • Is TABS services more expensive than inspection penalties? - No. TABS audit services is far cheaper than the lowest possible inspection penalties.
  • How long does TABS revision? - TABS audits, on average, lasts up to 2 hours.
  • Who should be present, in front of a business entity, during the audit TABS? - It is desirable that it be a person who is fully familiar with all aspects of the entity's business.
  • Which activities TABS revision covers? -Trade retail, Wholesale, Trade services, Food industry, craft, tourism activity, production activity, other economic activities.


For inquiries and reservations please use the following contacts:


Tel: +387 33 979 422

Mob: +387 62 206 666