TABS Software

What is the purpose of TABS software audit?

Revision of the business through the control of the relevant regulations provides:

  • Insight into all aspects of the business
  • Reveals weak points
  • Reveals irregularities that can be remedied

TABS software has been created in consultation with experts from the fields of law, economics and business.

TABS software is so-called All-In-One software which through approx. 400 questions from different areas of business checks if the entity operates in compliance with the applicable legislation in these legislation fields. Control and supervision of the legality of operations of economic entities in the field covered by TABS audits conducted various government bodies such as marketing, tourism, hospitality, work or sanitary inspection, and other state agencies that supervise the legality of operations of businesses in these areas. In this way TABS audit finds any deficiencies that any of these state authorities can detect in business undertakings, and so undertakings advance warning of shortcomings in the legal business, but also on the amount of fines or penalties that an entity will have to pay.

In other words - TABS keeps your money!


TABS reporting

Its clients TABS provides detailed audit report that indicate any irregularities in the business, and allows them to react in a timely manner and correct identified deficiencies.


  • Starline Ltd., Sarajevo (Mercedes Benz)
  • Megamix Ltd, Sarajevo
  • US Embassy Sarajevo
  • Saniteks Sa., Sarajevo
  • Altermedia Ltd., Sarajevo
  • Interactiv Sa., Banja Luka
  • SAMAS Ltd., Sarajevo
  • S Consalting Ltd., Sarajevo - Mostar
  • Agencija M&V Ltd., Mostar
  • Ekonomika Vidačak Ltd., Mostar
  • Queens - M Ltd., Mostar - Sarajevo
  • Diamedic Ltd., Sarajevo
  • IUS - International University of Sarajevo

TABS is synonym to:

  • Professionalism. Our experts are highly educated, with several decades of work experience in management.
  • Quality. We guarantee top quality service and your satisfaction.
  • Functionality. The result of our services is the functionality of your business, meaning PROFIT.
  • Efficiency. We will make sure that your goals are accomplished rapidly and safely.
  • Effectiveness. We use the most up-to-date methods and the newest knowledge, which is a guarantee to success.


  • What is the cost of services TABS audit? - Each test is formed in accordance with the activity of a business entity.
  • Is TABS services more expensive than inspection penalties? - No. TABS audit services is far cheaper than the lowest possible inspection penalties.
  • How long does TABS revision? - TABS audits, on average, lasts up to 2 hours.
  • Who should be present, in front of a business entity, during the audit TABS? - It is desirable that it be a person who is fully familiar with all aspects of the entity's business.
  • Which activities TABS revision covers? -Trade retail, Wholesale, Trade services, Food industry, craft, tourism activity, production activity, other economic activities.


For inquiries and reservations please use the following contacts:


Tel: +387 33 979 422

Mob: +387 62 206 666